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Art Frame Studio-畫框坊
Art Frame Studio-畫框坊


Art Frame Studio

by PAOLO MEJIA fine art and design

Our History

Art Frame Studio was founded and established by Mr. DC Wong in 2006. Mr. Wong started this business because he is a fine art maker that wanted to see artwork preserved and presented in a professional way that would help enhance it's life and beauty in people's homes.


Mr. Wong is now retired and is continuing to make his art, while guiding his protégé, Paolo, to continue his business. Paolo is a multi-disciplinarian artist, which fits perfectly as a background to continue the business and be the new owner of Art Frame Studio.


Art Frame Studio is a quazi-gallery and custom picture framing shop. The way our business is setup is with the ambiance of a quazi-gallery with artwork displayed on the walls while customers see the activeness of the shop's environment.

As a brick-and-mortar quazi-gallery/frame shop, we are here to help our community with their creative projects. Our shop offers creative services that completes any creative project. We also work with our artistic community by sharing their work through our guest rotational art shows. 


Our goal is to support the creative community and always provide creative services to those needing creative ways to present and preserve their art, pictures, collectables and heirlooms. 


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