Art Frame Studio-畫框坊
Art Frame Studio-畫框坊


Art Frame Studio


by PAOLO MEJIA fine art and design

We are "Open for Business"  

We welcome everyone to stop by our shop during our business hours to get your free picture framing consultation and your modular picture framing project(s) done. (No scheduling necessary.)

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We are taking necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. We will be:


  • Working with ONE person at a time

  • Asking the next customer to wait outside the store until the previous customer leaves the store

  • Requesting everyone who enters our shop to WEAR a mask or face covering

  • As an option, we can do online payment(s)

  • Paperless invoices could also be emailed to you as option for a touchless, no contact interaction

If you would like to schedule an appointment click HERE

OR, as an alternative, you can email us your framing questions to:

For on-line estimate/quote request(s) we will require these info, and will get back to you as soon as possible with images of samples and estimated quotes:

  • IMAGE -  needing to be framed (for us to see so that we can recommend you frames)

  • DIMENSION -  estimate size of the piece

  • COLOR -  (ie. white, black, natural, espresso, walnut, etc) the frame you are looking for

  • TYPE/STYLE -  (ie. simple, ornate, traditional, classic, coastal, country, etc.) frame you are looking for

  • MATTING - this is a paper border that goes around your piece to make your piece look elegant and presentable . It is also used as a spacer (optional)

  • GLASS -  if you are aware of type of glass, we carry: 

    • regular clear - glary/reflective

    • non-glare/crystal clear (museum type)

    • reflective control (controls/reduces reflection). 

*We can now do pick-ups / delivery for an additional fee. Inquire for quote.