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Art Frame Studio-畫框坊
Art Frame Studio-畫框坊


Art Frame Studio

by PAOLO MEJIA fine art and design

Portfolio: Picture Framing Samples 

We can frame almost anything... " You Name It. We Frame It "

Floating a Very Large Paper Art
Large Chinese Wet Paste Mounting
Stretching a Large Paiting
Large Scarf
Large, Old Painting on Fabric
Thai  Rubbings
Concert Line Up Prints
Circular Glass Art
Degree Memorabilia
Italian Masks
Female Italian Mask
Male Italian Mask
Big Scarf
Four Paintings on Cardboard
Old Japanese Art Print
Replicating a Framed Jersey
Old Card Print
Old Playing Card Prints
Baby Clothes
Mirror mosaic
Oil painting
Post card
Turkish Tile
Awards: Medals, ribbon and record
Braided paper
Montage collection
LCD screen
Playing cards and tickets
Indian Silk Painting
Tint type print on metal
Metal cutout
Detail: metal cutout
Double degree
Korean Ink Painting (grouping)
Wine labels
Newspaper print
Stitchery with beads
Watercolor in shadowbox
Indonesian Shadow Puppet
Mexican Leather Art and Beans
Medals and Awards
Indian Textile
Afghani Jewelry
Bow and Arrows
Custom Dress with Beadings
Mixed media with custom mattings
Article Hanging
Ethiopian Textile/Rug
Militaria Badges
Tall Chinese Painting
Quilt Converted Into Headboard
3D shadowbox
Metal Scarf Broaches - Groupings
Mounting Electrical Paraphernalia
Hanging an Indian Shadow Puppet
Nepalese Tonkha
Leaning a Very Old Pastel Piece
Hanging an Indian Shadow Puppet
Musical Note and Cover
Mounting a Penny/Coin
Turning a Needlepoint Into a Coaster
Sandwiching an Article
Framing a Flag
Ethiopian Prayer Script on Calf Skin
Sandwiching a Collectable
Framing a Magazine and Article
Floating a Small Wood Piece
Marathon Jersey, Pins, Necklace and Number Tag
Google Laptop
Notebook, Lines and Coasters
Microchip Display Sample
Microchip Display Sample
Persian Silk Rug
Italian Masquerade Mask
Italian Masquerade Mask
Google Notepad
Clay Art
Cactus Frame
Leather Jacket
Professional Football Jersey
Traditional Children Dresses
Signed Boxing Glove
Accessible Boomerang
Twin Flat Art
Boxing Glove and Trunk
Business Cards
Traditional Korean Children Dress
Signed Tennis Jersey and Ball
Dried Corral
Surgery Picture and Metal Plate Piece
Chinese Fan
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