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Art Frame Studio-畫框坊
Art Frame Studio-畫框坊


Art Frame Studio

by PAOLO MEJIA fine art and design

Questions and Answers
What is the turnaround time for framing?

Generally, turnaround time is about 10-15 days. However, we keep a variety of mouldings and materials in stock, and can provide faster service. We will help you meet your specific deadlines.

Is rush order available?

Yes, please call us to inquire for rates.

Will my valuable heirloom / artwork leave the premises?

No.  We design and select material together with you, ensuring proper size and agreed upon price, including items such as moulding, mats, glass, backing, proper mat cuts, etc. For your peace of mind, you can retain the artwork. After we have assembled your chosen materials, we notify you to come in with your artwork and we put the artwork into the frame and seal it in front of you to your complete satisfaction.


How much does it cost to custom frame artwork?

Custom framing prices depend on the specific components you choose, and how difficult it is to frame. There are hundreds of possible combinations.


What can I frame?

We can frame virtually almost anything. Prints, photos, canvasses, collage and three dimensional art and memorabilia can be framed individually, or grouped in one frame. We can stretch canvas or previously stretched paintings onto stretcher bars. We create shadow boxes for objects and textiles of any size. We have framed a tapestry 6’ x 8’ with rough ruby and emerald stones, and a wedding invitation with violin shadow box. If you have objects you would like to preserve and get on the wall, call us. We can do it. Get your memories out of the drawer and on display!


Why do my artwork need a mat?

Matting provides both aesthetic and protective function. It helps bring out the colors of your image and also draw your eyes from the frame to the image. When matting is added, it separates the glass from the surface of the print or painting, hence the pigments/paints will not transfer to the glass in the long run.

What is the largest size you frame?

Our shop can accommodate very large size as long as it will fit out of our door.


Can you handle rice paper wet mounting?

Yes, we specialize in Asian Art on rice paper wet mounting. If artwork on rice paper is drymounted the article will be ruined, so wet mounting is the best way to preserve and present artwork on rice paper.   

Why is there no wire on the back of my piece?

We general try to wire everything when we can, but if the piece is large or heavy, we insist that you hang it directly from the "D-rings". By doing this, the weight will be more evenly distributed and allow for less tension on the rails and corners of the frame. From our experience, avoiding serious damage and injury is always worth a little bit of extra time and precision by hanging with "D-rings". If you need assistance, we recommend you phone us (650) 210-8688, a professional art installer who has experience with this type of hanging system would be able to assist you.


Do you pick up and deliver?

Yes, please call us to inquire for rates.

Is there parking?

There are two to five hours free parking around the premises.


Currently, the main street, Castro Street, is closed to the main artery of 101 Freeway. Side streets are the only way to get to Castro Street from 101 Freeway - El Camino Real is open while Moffett Street is closed.


Parking are located behind the building and other parking lots around the vicinity. 


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